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My Strongest Self

A journey in weight loss, self-discovery and learning to love myself more every day.

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A MunchFit healthy meals review
MunchFit meals are specifically designed to support active lifestyles. So if you regularly work out at the gym, go running, or partake in any exercise at all really, these meals will...
A review of Gousto for weight loss and healthy eating
It’s now a good year and a bit later, and Gousto has decided that they miss me - ‘get 50% off your first box, Lisa - if you give us another try!’

Free stuff

Free printable positive affirmation card sets
A growing collection of free printable positive affirmation card sets. Click the download links below to get your free printable PDF file for each card set.

Offers and discounts

65% off your first Gousto box

The discount code below will get you 65% off your first Gousto box - plus you'll get 30% off all other boxes ordered within the first month. To find out more about Gousto check out my review: A review of Gousto for weight loss.

Offer: 65% off the first box and 30% off all boxes in 1st month for new customers only

Offer valid for new customers and UK residents for the first month of boxes. Discount valid for 30 days from date of sign up. Free delivery, 7 days a week. Once redeemed you’ll be enrolled in a flexible subscription (pause/cancel at any time). See the website for full T&Cs.

10% off any trial or meal plan with MunchFit

If you'd like to try MunchFit meals you can use the code STRONG10 at the checkout to get a 10% discount. To find out more about MunchFit check out my review: A MunchFit healthy meals review.


New customers only. Offer limited to UK residents.

£15 off at Riverford Organics

The referral code below will get you £15 off your second order at Riverford Organics. To find out more about Riverford check out my review: The week where I tried a Riverford Organic recipe box.

Once your first order has been delivered you'll get £15 credit to spend on your next order (plus a tree will be planted in your name! :o) )

Offer valid for new customers only. See website for full T&Cs.

In the shop

The powerful morning affirmation card set
This set of 16 powerful morning affirmation cards has been created to inspire and motivate you to start your day with positivity, focus and determination...

Weight loss updates

My weight loss journey - 9 months progress update
It’s just over 9 months since I started my weight loss journey back in January. Now it’s that time again - time to check in on how things are going.

How my weight loss journey started

My weight loss journey blog. A story about personal training, healthy eating, yoga and learning to love myself more every day
It was a rainy December evening towards the end of 2020. I was flopped out on the sofa, feeling tired, lifeless and devoid of all energy and motivation. I had been struggling all month.

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