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A journey in weight loss, self-discovery and learning to love myself more every day.

My weight loss journey - 6 months progress update

Week 28: Monday 19th July

It is now just over 6 months since I started my weight loss journey back in January. I took some photos after three months, so now seems like a good time for some more photos, to check in on how much progress I'm making.

What I've been doing

Not much has changed over the last three months in terms of what I'm eating. I'm still basing most of my meals around a weekly Mindful Chef food delivery box. I've probably also been eating slightly more protein recently, as my PT keeps nagging me about that!

I've also had the occasional treat day over the last three months - which is something I definitely didn't do at all in the first three months. I think I'm feeling a little more relaxed about the idea of occasional treats now that I'm much more happy with my weight!

In terms of exercise, I've continued to do two (occasionally three) personal training sessions per week. Now that Covid regulations have relaxed and gyms have re-opened, the training sessions have become a mix of both gym sessions and outdoor sessions.

I've also continued to go jogging regularly - although I do seem to be doing loads of shorter runs at the moment, rather than the less frequent but longer runs I was doing in the first three months. It just seems to fit more easily into my current daily routine.

Finally, my obsession with yoga seems to be growing every day. So in addition to all of the more strenuous exercise, I've been doing plenty of yoga stretching most days.


So, onto the weight loss photos - first up is my back!

There's a definite difference in the shape of my back since April. I'm really pleased about that as, to be honest, I'd been a bit worried that I hadn't made as much progress over these last three months, as I did in the first three months. I was worried that although the scales confirm that I have lost some more weight, it wouldn't be visibly noticeable in the photos.

In particular, my shoulders seem to be getting more muscly and defined - so I guess all of those gym sessions that I didn't really want to do at first, are actually doing some good!

Left: January 2021 Middle: April 2021 Right: July 2021


Next up are the front comparison photos...

Left: January 2021 Middle: April 2021 Right: July 2021


...and finally, the side comparison photos.

Left: January 2021 Middle: April 2021 Right: July 2021

I wasn't sure that there was a noticeable difference in the front and side photos between April and July, but the more I look, I think there is a slight difference. It's more subtle than the difference between January and April.  But there's definitely a difference.

Crunching the numbers

As with my three months progress update, the main two statistics I'm tracking with the Renpho scales app are my weight and my body fat percentage.

My weight has decreased by another 7.1 kilos since April (and has decreased by 14.95 kilos in total since January).

My body fat percentage has decreased by another 2.9% since April (and has decreased by 5.5% in total since January).

As well as those main ones all of the other statistics are continuing to head in the right direction:

My weight loss statistics

Jan April July
Weight 77.4kg 69.6kg 62.5kg
Body fat % 37.4% 34.8% 31.9%
Protein levels % 14% 14.8% 15.7%
Skeletal muscle 36.5% 38% 39.7%
Body water percentage % 42.9% 44.8% 46.7%
Visceral fat 12 9 7

Goals for the next 3 months

I feel like I'm almost there with the weight target - I should be able to get that final 5 kilos of weight shifted within the next three months.

The body fat percentage seems to be a bit slower to shift down though - at the current rate it might take another eight months to get down to the 25% body fat target. Hopefully now that I'm going to the gym more often, as well as doing outdoor exercise, I'll be able to get the body fat percentage moving down a bit more quickly. At any rate, I'd like to have at least another 3% knocked off that within the next three months!

I mentioned last week how I'm completely unable to do pull ups at the moment. I also mentioned how I felt like it would be an empowering exercise to be able to do. So my final goal is to see if I can master the challenge of doing pull ups within the next 3 months.

Thank you for reading this post!

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