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A journey in weight loss, self-discovery and learning to love myself more every day.

My weight loss journey - 3 months progress update

Week 13: Monday 5th April 2021

Twelve weeks have now passed since I started my weight loss journey, so it seems a good time to check in on how much progress I'm making. I took some pictures of myself during the first week, and have now taken some 3 months later photos.

Starting out photos - 11th January 2021

3 months later - 5th April 2021

I'm really happy!

Even after just 12 weeks of eating healthy Mindful Chef meals, doing personal training sessions and exercising regularly, there is a massive difference in how I look. The roll of fat on my back has completely disappeared, my stomach looks a little flatter and I look a lot more healthy.

My favourite change is my back.

Maybe that's a bit strange. Maybe it would be more normal to be concerned about my face, or my stomach. But it is definitely my new back that I'm completely fascinated by!

Here's a final photo showing the change in my back - I really, really love my new back!

It is not just my physical appearance that has changed either. With every week that passes, I feel more and energy and life returning to my body. I'm feeling both physically and mentally stronger.

Crunching the numbers

The main two statistics I'm tracking with the Renpho scales app are my weight and my body fat percentage. My weight has decreased by 7.85 kilos since 11th January and my body fat percentage has decreased by 2.6%.

As well as those main ones all of the other statistics are heading in the right direction too:

My weight loss statistics

Jan April
Weight 77.4kg 69.6kg
Body fat % 37.4% 34.8%
Protein levels % 14% 14.8%
Skeletal muscle 36.5% 38%
Body water percentage % 42.9% 44.8%
Visceral fat 12 9

Thank you for reading this post!

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