39 affirmation cards for anxiety

PDF instant digital download. Print these anxiety affirmations at home on A4 or US Letter size paper.
39 printable pdf positive affirmation cards for anxiety

About these cards

A set of 39 printable positive affirmation cards for anxiety. These affirmations are intended to help you through challenging times, encouraging you to keep going, trusting that everything will be OK, and already is OK.

These printable positive affirmation cards are a part of the positive affirmation cards collection.

39 printable positive affirmation cards for anxiety

Affirmations list

A list of the anxiety affirmations included with these cards

  1. I allow myself to be held and supported by the earth and nature.
  2. This too shall pass.
  3. I did my best today and that's enough.
  4. I breathe deeply and stay grounded in the present moment.
  5. I let go of all fear.
  6. I can relax. Everything is OK and always will be OK.
  7. All of the changes that lie before me in life are positive ones. I am safe.
  8. When things get difficult I am strong enough to stay in the centre of the storm, facing whatever life throws at me, working through things with my inner strength, calmness and courage.
  9. I always honour the present moment.
  10. Peace, clarity and calmness reside at the very heart of the storm. If I can withstand, perhaps even embrace the storm, I will eventually find my way to that place of peace and calm.
  11. I have enough.
  12. I trust in the flow of life.
  13. When anxiety and fear start to creep into my mind, I withdraw myself from my thoughts. I stop to take in the sights, sounds and smells around me, as well as the silence and space between things. I ask myself if everything is OK right now, in this moment? The answer is always, "Yes, I am safe right now." Then everything slows down & I become calm.
  14. I am enough.
  15. When I feel tense I let go of my thoughts. I remember to relax all of my muscles from head to toe, whilst taking slow, deep breaths to ground myself in the present moment.
  16. I have a special guardian angel. I am divinely guided and protected at all times.
  17. I am so proud of how far I've come.
  18. Entering situations which make us afraid is the only way in which we can grow.
  19. There is enough for everyone, including me.
  20. I am steady and focused. I feel more secure each day.
  21. I have the self esteem, power and confidence to move forward in life with ease.
  22. I choose faith over fear.
  23. I let go of the need for control and trust that things will turn out for the best.
  24. I am a magnet for miracles.
  25. It is OK to ask for help when I need it.
  26. I realise that stress is only fear. I now release all fears.
  27. The moment I let go of expectations is the moment I become free.
  28. I am unafraid of sharing my fears and anxieties. It is a sign of strength to do so.
  29. I don't know what the future holds for me and I am OK with that.
  30. It doesn't matter what other people think of me. All that matters is what I think of myself.
  31. I am fully surrendered to the flow of life.
  32. I let go of the need for perfection.
  33. I trust that if I do my best in any given moment, my life will unfold in perfect harmony. All of the things that are meant for me will come to me.
  34. When life gets challenging, I keep moving forward, taking things one small step at a time.
  35. The universe loves me and supports me in every possible way.
  36. Whenever uncomfortable emotions arise within me, I pause. I place my hand on the part of my body where I feel the emotion the most. I acknowledge and accept the emotion, whilst directing slow, deep breaths to that part of my body.
  37. I am the architect of my reality.
  38. Angels, stars and the moon are taking care of me.
  39. I am not my thoughts. I am the observer of my thoughts.

These positive affirmation cards are provided in PDF format and are perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper. You can also choose between two different print layouts.

The first PDF has all 39 printable positive affirmation cards for anxiety laid out 8 per page.
The first PDF has all 39 positive affirmation cards laid out 8 per page.
The second PDF has all 39 printable positive affirmation cards for anxiety laid out 4 per page.
The second PDF has all 39 positive affirmation cards laid out 4 per page.
39 printable positive affirmation cards for anxiety
39 printable positive affirmation cards for anxiety.

How to use the cards

Use these printable anxiety affirmation cards as journaling prompts.
Use these printable anxiety affirmation cards in yoga and meditation practices.
Pin the cards around your office or house to inspire and encourage you throughout your day.
Each morning, pick a card and keep it in mind for guidance throughout your day.

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A set of 39 positive affirmation cards for anxiety, available as an instant digital download, to print at home.

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