66 printable 'I AM' affirmation cards. Editable in CANVA

Includes a PDF instant digital download and a CANVA editable template. Print these 'I AM' affirmations at home on A4 or US Letter size paper.
66 printable 'I am' affirmation cards.

About these cards

A set of 66 printable 'I AM' positive affirmation cards, including a template which can be edited in CANVA.

These printable positive affirmation cards are a part of the positive affirmation cards collection.

'I am' affirmations list

A list of the 'I am' affirmations included with these cards

  1. I am unique.
  2. I am safe.
  3. I am loved.
  4. I am faithful.
  5. I am grounded.
  6. I am loving.
  7. I am calm.
  8. I am focused.
  9. I am trusting.
  10. I am peaceful.
  11. I am brave.
  12. I am present.
  13. I am strong.
  14. I am fearless.
  15. I am worthy.
  16. I am kind.
  17. I am enough.
  18. I am ready.
  19. I am flowing.
  20. I am open.
  21. I am forgiving.
  22. I am happy.
  23. I am hopeful.
  24. I am positive.
  25. I am free.
  26. I am creative.
  27. I am inspired.
  28. I am expressive.
  29. I am growing.
  30. I am whole.
  31. I am healthy.
  32. I am spirited.
  33. I am flexible.
  34. I am nourished.
  35. I am complete.
  36. I am evolving.
  37. I am supported.
  38. I am healing.
  39. I am letting go.
  40. I am deserving.
  41. I am grateful.
  42. I am glowing.
  43. I am breathing.
  44. I am joyful.
  45. I am still.
  46. I am eternal.
  47. I am merciful.
  48. I am committed.
  49. I am mindful.
  50. I am patient.
  51. I am gentle.
  52. I am devoted.
  53. I am powerful.
  54. I am blessed.
  55. I am sincere.
  56. I am guided.
  57. I am capable.
  58. I am magical.
  59. I am balanced.
  60. I am light.
  61. I am seen.
  62. I am heard.

These 'I am' affirmations are provided in PDF format and are perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper.

CANVA template

An editable CANVA template file is also included. Using CANVA, you can change and customise the cards as much as you like. For example, you can change the background colors, change the fonts, add your own graphics, or update the affirmations to your own words.

How to use the cards

Use these printable 'I am' affirmation cards as journaling prompts.
Use these printable 'I am' affirmation cards in yoga and meditation practices.
Pin the cards around your office or house to inspire and encourage you throughout your day.
Each morning, pick a card and keep it in mind for guidance through your day.
Each evening, pick a card at random and reflect on what the words mean to you and how the affirmation may be relevant to your life.

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A set of 66 'I AM' affirmation cards, useful for journalling prompts, mindfulness, meditation and manifestation. Available as an instant PDF digital download, to print at home.

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