Spiritual coloring page: "peace"

FREE spiritual coloring page for adults with the one word quote, 'peace.'
FREE printable spiritual peace coloring page for adults
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About this coloring page

🕊️ Make time for your mental health, unleash your creativity and calm your mind with this spiritual coloring page for adults. This spiritual coloring sheet entitled 'Peace,' features a girl with a Celtic love knot on her forehead, as well as a dove holding an olive branch. 🕊️

Printable spiritual coloring sheet.
Printable spiritual coloring sheet.

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Spiritual symbolism on this coloring sheet

The Celtic Love Knot: A combination of the traditional Celtic Knot merged with a love heart, to create a more contemporary symbol.
A dove with an olive branch: A universal symbol of peace, freedom and love.

How to use these coloring sheets

Coloring can help with anxiety - use these printable coloring pages as an activity to slow down, clear your mind and encourage feelings of calm and relaxation.
Coloring sparks creativity - indulge in some coloring time to get yourself into that 'flow state,' where ideas and inspiration on all sorts of subjects, just keep coming to you!
Create mood boards - cut out elements from your finished coloring pages and combine them in creative ways, to create displays, collages or mood boards.
Create new products or household items - incorporate your colored pages into new creations. For example, embed your colored artwork into a coffee coaster or a placemat!
Teacher resource - these coloring pages would also make a great resource for schools and teachers.

Bonus 1: extra large poster

In addition to an A4 and US Letter version of this coloring sheet, you'll also get a giant version. The giant version is designed for printing at A1 print size.

Ideas on how to use the giant poster

The giant sized version of this coloring poster is a fantastic way to create your own unique wall art. Get the file printed out at your local print shop (or upload to an online print service), then color your massive poster to create a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. Finish your project to perfection by getting the poster framed and hanging it on your wall, as a unique display piece.
The huge size of this poster also makes it perfect for collaborative efforts - get all of your friends and family to join in with your coloring fun! 🎨 🎨 🎨

Bonus 2: mini colored in pages

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ As another bonus, 3 mini colored in pages are included with this download. Use these as a prompt to help inspire your own creative coloring endeavours. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Note: these colored versions are small, low resolution prints. They are suitable for printing at a maximum size of A4 paper.
Mini colored in example posters are included to inspire your own coloring. Note: these colored versions are small, low resolution prints - to print on A4 sized paper.
This printable spiritual coloring sheet is a part of the spiritual coloring collection. It is also in the free printables section. Check out these collections for more coloring pages and more free things! 👇

These coloring pages are provided in PDF format. Three versions are included:
➥ 1 PDF arranged for printing at A4 size.
➥ 1 PDF arranged for printing at US Letter size.
➥ 1 PDF arranged for printing at A1 size.
➥ 1 PDF file with the 3 colored in mini sample pages (these are low resolution samples, suitable for printing on A4 sized paper).

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