List of affirmations for sleep

FREE printable pdf list of sleep affirmations.
Printable PDF list of 23 sleep affirmations.

About this printable PDF download

A list of 23 positive affirmations to help with getting a great night of sleep.

This printable affirmation list is a part of the positive affirmation lists collection of printables. It is also a part of the free printables collection.

How to use this affirmation list

Use this list of positive affirmations as a starting point for journaling exercises - choose an affirmation from the list and write about how this affirmation makes you feel. Do you believe in the affirmation? Does the affirmation make you feel good when you say it, or do you feel some resistance to the affirmation? If you have resistance, write about why you may feel this way: are there any events in your past which may have shaped the way you feel about this affirmation? Are there any things you could do to feel better about this affirmation?
Use this list of positive affirmations as a starting point for drawing and doodling exercises - choose an affirmation from the list and draw any images, thoughts and ideas that come to mind, relating to this affirmation.
Frame this list of positive affirmations, or pin it to your wall, to inspire and encourage you throughout your day.
Each night, pick an affirmation, or several affirmations, from the list and allow the words to help you to let go of your day and find your way to sleep.

List of affirmations for sleep

A list of the sleep affirmations included in this PDF download

  1. I did my best today and that's enough.
  2. I let go of my day. Tomorrow is a fresh start.
  3. I make sure to get plenty of exercise and fresh air during my day, as I know that it helps me to sleep so well.
  4. I nourish my body and stay hydrated during the day. I know that looking after my body throughout the day helps to prepare me for a great night of sleep.
  5. Sleep is so good for me. After a night of deep and peaceful sleep I awake feeling refreshed and ready for the new day ahead.
  6. I allow myself plenty of time to relax and wind down in the
    evenings. It helps me to sleep so well.
  7. I create a regular evening wind down routine for myself. My body loves routine and I love my body.
  8. It is time to switch off.
  9. I take the time to spend 5 minutes stretching before I go to bed. It helps me to come out of my ‘thinking head’ and return to my
    physical body. I know that I need to be in my physical body before I can sleep.
  10. My body heals when I sleep - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.
  11. I am looking forward to disappearing into a world of beautiful, random, weird and wonderful dreams tonight.
  12. I soothe myself into sleepiness, by listing in my mind, of the things I love about my life. All of the things I am grateful for. All of the things that make me feel warm, relaxed and full of love for life.
  13. I focus my attention on my breath. Breathing in, breathing out, slowly and deeply, becoming aware of the gentle rising and falling movement of my belly as I breathe.
  14. It is perfectly OK if I can’t sleep right now. Instead, I will just lie here, relax and let go, simply enjoying the peace, safety and
    stillness of this moment.
  15. As I lie in bed, I tune in to the physical sensations around me. The smells, the sounds, the slow and steady rhythm of my breath, and the peaceful empty space surrounding me.
  16. I allow myself to completely sink into the safety and support of the bed beneath me.
  17. I bring my attention to each and every part of my body, one at a time. I breathe into each part of me, relaxing that part and
    releasing tension, before moving onto the next part of me.
  18. There is no need for me to force anything. I don’t need to try to make myself sleep. When I relax and let go, sleep always comes to me, naturally and with ease.
  19. When I feel myself becoming relaxed, sleepy and dreamy,
    I surrender completely to those feelings. I know that it is safe to let go and rest right now.
  20. I imagine myself looking down on myself in my bed. I can see how peaceful and relaxed I look. I feel so much love for myself in this moment. I let myself go.
  21. I feel calmed by the silence and space that surrounds me right now, and the loving presence that is always around me, whenever I choose to seek and tune into it.
  22. When sleep comes for me I surrender completely. I allow sleep to take me. I know that sleep loves me, nourishes me and heals me. I trust sleep.
  23. This is the only moment there is. And in this moment, the only moment, all is well and I am safe.

This list of positive morning affirmations is provided in PDF format and is perfect for printing at home on A4 or US Letter paper.

23 printable money affirmations - download the PDF and print at home.
23 printable sleep affirmations - download the PDF and print at home.
23 printable money affirmations - download the PDF and print at home.
23 printable sleep affirmations - download the PDF and print at home.

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