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Become your strongest self - printable positive affirmation PDFs for self love, inner strength and personal growth.

My Strongest Self started out as a weight loss journal, diarising my journey towards losing 20 kilos of weight, through transforming my eating and exercising habits.

More than just a weight loss journey

weight loss is about more than just physical change.

As I progressed through the weeks, I realised that weight loss is about more than just physical change. I started out with a modest intention to 'lose a few pounds' and 'gain some energy'. One thing I didn't realise at that point was how this weight loss journey was going to turn out to be about so much more than I ever thought.

Increased love and respect for myself
Along the way, as well as losing weight and gaining energy, I discovered a new level of respect for myself. I realised that taking care of myself physically is not vain or shallow. I realised that whilst it is of course, 'what's inside that counts,' actually everything is connected, and when you take the time to care for yourself physically, this naturally leads to caring for yourself more deeply on a mental and emotional level too...

Increased love and respect for others
...and the more you care for, appreciate and love yourself, the less resistance you have towards everyone and everything else in your life. Any anger or negative feelings that you may have held towards other people, or towards events that have happened in your life, begin to melt away. It no longer matters. Because you feel so good within yourself. And you realise that we're all just doing the best that we can, trying to make our way through the confusions and challenges of life in the best way that we know how!

The printable downloads library

One of the most transformational things I discovered along the way was yoga, combined with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations in particular, have challenged and transformed the way I think about myself and the people around me.

From my love of all things positive affirmations related, grew the idea of creating the printable downloads library - a collection of printable positive affirmation themed resources for self love, inner strength and personal growth.

In the library you can find things like printable positive affirmation cards, positive affirmation posters, and positive affirmation lists.

You can find out more about the library here.

Become your strongest self. Learn to love yourself more every day.

A positive affirmations themed, printable downloads website, for self love, inner strength and personal growth.

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